For third-party enquiries with integration issues

Q: Does Bridgers have a frontend web app?
Q: Is it possible to set the third-party processing fee separately for different parties?

A: Yes, different third-party can have customized processing fee as they wish

Q: What are the available trading pairs?

A: Currently Bridgers1 supports any currency exchange that is available on ETH, BSC, HECO, POLYGON,OEC,FANTOM,TRON,ARBITRUM,AVALANCHE,OPTIMISM,CRONOS ,SOLANA and APT chain, and will continue to expand in the future with EVM chians as priority;

Q: How long could one transaction take?

A: Generally, it will only take around 30 seconds if we have a sufficient pool, will take slightly longer if our pool needs to be refilled

Q: How long a third party team can expect to integrate Bridgers API?

A: 6 endpoints are involved, it can be expected to be done within a day